Where To Shop For Your Dream Capsule Wardrobe


The best way to make a truly perfect capsule wardrobe is to shop with sustainability in mind. There are over 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in clothing manufacturing. Many of these chemicals are known to be hazardous to the environment and our health. Shop clean! Pick brands that are long-lasting, use sustainable products or are repurposing materials/clothing! Check out these eco-friendly options for your capsule items.


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Levi’s Jeans 

What to look for: denim that you will love to wear all of the time – a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans and/or a pair of jean shorts!

A classic pair of jeans might be the most timeless piece of clothing that there has ever been!

Unlike cheap “denim” (which is not always true denim), Levi’s jeans are well made and last forever!


MATE the Label

What to look for: your everyday essentials!

Their clothing is made sustainably with organic and natural, non-toxic materials.

Your new goodies are packaged in 100% recycled materials and eliminate single-use waste by not sending any additional branded materials with your order.



What to look for: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

An animal-free company (say no to leather). Hand-crafted with ethical fashion and sustainable design, Bhava uses vegan materials. They create limited edition footwear in small batches.



What to look for: a black blazer! You cannot go wrong with a black blazer. Good news, Encircled is releasing a beautiful one.

This company is all for the capsule closet! They believe that the most sustainable garment is one that will last forever, has a season-less design and can simplify your life.



What to look for: your base items and coordinating essentials. Really, you can find anything on here.

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Shopping consignment and thrift is a sustainable and really cool option when you’re shopping for the perfect pieces.

ThredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store! The prices are low and the options are plentiful! You also have the option to sell your clothes on this site which you may want to do after our purging session.

Use this link for $10 off your first order!


For the extras… 

Your activewear, pyjamas, swimwear, outerwear and formalwear doesn’t always need to fit in your capsule. These can be extra pieces in your closet, but still challenge yourself to limit them to the essentials!

Shop for high quality so you replace them way less often. Check out these brands!



An amazing option for outerwear, sportswear & anything that involves adventure! Patagonia was founded on the mission of creating long-lasting pieces that you can use for life. They even have a super warranty if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

You can return it for repair, replacement or refund. Or if you love it so much to the point of wear and tear (which you will), they repair the items at a reasonable charge.


Londre Bodywear

The capsule is all about timeless styles, and that really applies to swimwear! A classic black one piece and a go-to, matches-everything bikini are so important – timeless and vacation-ready.

Londre Bodywear makes their suits from recycled bottles found on the beaches and streets. They turn these bottles into beautiful, comfortable swimsuits. They have recycled over 100,000 bottles so far!

Swimwear lasts much longer when it’s rinsed with clean, fresh water after each use. Salt water is corrosive and pool water is full of chemicals. Those chemicals keep the water clean, but break down the fibers of your swimsuits until they literally fall apart.

Quick Tip: wear your bathing suit into the shower after swimming so the clean water runs through it. Give your hair a wash and clean your suit at the same time!



Get cozy with this ethically made, organic loungewear. Lay your head to rest at night in sustainable jammies knowing that you are helping the planet.

Their clothing is made with organic cotton in a fair trade factory. You’ll never feel comfier while being eco-conscious.


Gigi Pip

These well made hats will last you many seasons! They are super versatile and look good with countless styles!


Need More Help…? 

If you are struggling, check out companies like Vetta Capsule. They create mini-capsules made up of five versatile pieces that can mix and match into a month’s worth of outfit options!

This will help you build a base until you get good at building and rotating your new, pretty capsule wardrobe!

Go ahead and give it a shot! Another step towards leading a sustainable lifestyle, the capsule wardrobe benefits you and the planet in so many ways.


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