One Sustainable Switch For Every Room In Your House

Sustainability in our daily lives starts at home! Here are some very simple sustainable kitchen ideas that can help:


  • Dining Room – Plastic free cutlery & reusable napkins! Stick to classic silverware, even when you have guests over. Plastic cutlery is a single use plastic and cannot be recycled. Reusable napkins, similar to UnPaper Towels are a more sustainable option than paper napkins. Anything reusable, even if it needs to be washed after each use, is always a better option than something single use. The water your washing machine uses is nothing compared to the emissions and waste of creating products in factories.


  • Living Room – Plants! Instead of using aerosols to clean the air, get houseplants to purify the air & improve your mood. Plus, they make the space so cozy, are pleasing to the eye and improve mental health!



  • Powder RoomBar soap! This is a super easy switch. Instead of stocking up on liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle, pick a nice-smelling bar that will clean your hands just as well! Pair it with a cute soap dish that goes with the design of the room.

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  • Laundry Room – Sustainable detergent! Instead of purchasing liquid detergent that comes in a plastic bottle, consider using detergent pods that come in plastic-free packaging. Check out this option from Dropps!


  • Home Office – Use pencils instead of pens! Think about the number of pens that we go through in a year. They are all made of plastic and end up in landfills. Pencils are made of natural materials (wood and graphite) that are not hard on the environment. Just avoid mechanical pencils or any with plastic pieces.


  • ClosetsOrganizers will help you create a home for all of the things you have, making them easily accessible. When you can see everything you have, you’ll realize what you actually need. Donate things you don’t use and don’t buy things that you don’t need/you don’t have space for. The most sustainable products are the ones you don’t buy! Plus, an organized space helps alleviate stress!


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