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PHOTOGRAPHER & creative director

Kelee rhymes with jelly, it’s nice to meet you! My purpose is to create inspiring content that makes people smile and lead them to live a more intentional life. And have a lot of fun doing it! I am inspired by the color and light of travel. With a constant wanderlust and a deep connection with the earth, I am always noticing how sunlight touches the water + land and creates the most vibrant and unmatchable colors. My passion is to capture that beauty and portray how it makes us feel.








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Free-Spirited Creative With A Lust For Adventure

Kelee spends her summers on the coast in New Jersey and travels throughout the year to dreamy destinations around the world!
With a background of working on the social marketing team at a multi-million dollar fashion brand, Kelee understands that product visuals are everything when it comes to sales. That’s why she handcrafts photos of every part of the product experience, down to the smallest details! Her degree in art direction + advertising allows her to see opportunity to create interesting and unique photos all around her. Kelee's eye for design allows her to professionally execute photos that highlight a brand’s products and mission.
On every project, Kelee scouts locations and art directs scenes precisely to capture the natural essence of the product details. She then hand edits every photo to match her signature style and delivers high-quality, emotive images to partners.

I am passionate about sustainability and I love working with brands that have a mission with the planet in mind. Growing up, I was taught that our actions matter, and that we have a responsibility to live consciously. Today, I do my best to live a sustainable life and share my experiences so that others can do the same!

changing tides

I am so inspired by strong women and I am an advocate for equality + women in business!

I love getting in the water + shooting, but I only paddle out when the waves are small and mellow ;)

Whale sharks + colorful birds are my obsession, but I love all the animals!

Swimming in warm water + letting the sun dry my skin is the best feeling!

Anywhere with palm trees is perfect!

My absolute favorite food, I could eat these every meal!

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