Eco-Friendly Bathing Suit Brands 2021

Eco-Friendly Bathing Suit Brands 2021

I am so excited to finally share this video! I’ve been working on collecting a few bathing suits from sustainable clothing brands that I love. Supporting conscious, sustainable brands is easy once you know where to find them. It’s also extremely important as companies base their offerings & business habits on consumer trends. So, if most consumers buy from sustainable brands, more companies will move toward being sustainable in order to attract customers.

Here’s my list of sustainable swimwear brands that I love!


Hackwith Design House

I love this brand! Their suits are extremely well made, by hand. The material is great and feels so good on.

White TopWhite Bottom


Anve swim

This is one of the coolest swimwear brands and it’s perfect for active girls! These suits are made for moving in the water, making them the best for surfing or other activities. The styles are unique and super cute.

I love their long sleeve styles which are perfect for protecting your skin from the sun!



Cotton On

I really love these suits, they’re so well made and comfortable! They are made up of 89% recycled materials (polyamide from pre-consumer waste). They come in a recycled plastic bag and the tag labels are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. This is a large company, so the suits are affordable and they offer a wide variety of colors and styles!

There is some room for improvement in their shipping as recycled plastic is still plastic, but it’s nice to see large companies taking steps toward sustainable practices.


Black TopBlack Bottom | Green Top | Green Bottom



This was not my first pick because H&M is a major fashion brand, but I wanted to include an even more affordable option. I also think that if we’re going to purchase from major companies, we should try to buy from their conscious & sustainable lines. The more demand these lines have, the more widely available they will be, and if they are the most popular items, it will eventually encourage the brand to make all of their clothing ethically.

I love the purple suit! It’s so comfortable and the color is gorgeous.

I bought this so I could get free shipping. I didn’t need any more black bottoms and I didn’t buy one just for this video, because the most sustainable items are the ones we already have. I did link black bottoms from their sustainable line below. 

Purple TopPurple BottomBlack Top | Black Bottoms


. .


I hope you love these brands and consider purchasing from them! Like I said in the video, if consumers support conscious, sustainable brands & products, more companies will make an effort to be sustainable in their practices.


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