The holidays are a merry, but wasteful time of year! Wasted food, single-use wrapping paper and gifts that people may never use. The holiday spirit needs to become more sustainable! 

Check out these few tips on how to be sustainable during the holidays:


🎁 Sustainable and Useful Gifts 🎁

Buy people gifts that they actually need! Or, gifts that they actually want. This season, try not to give presents just for the sake of giving.

Really challenge yourself to buy your loved ones gifts that are useful and better for the environment. Feel better about the quality of your gift as well as your impact on the planet.

Don’t know what to buy to achieve sustainable gift giving? Have a look at this eco-friendly gift guide (link to blog post)


🌟 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap 🌟

Buying a sustainable gift is only the first step. It is still fun to incorporate that element of surprise in gift giving during the holidays – but wrapping paper is the biggest waste culprit of the holiday season! 

It’s a single-use item that is used for a short amount of time. It’s ripped apart, and then ends up in our landfills. Yes, it’s “paper”. However, it’s often not recyclable because of the ink and metallic detail on it. 

So, skip the wrapping paper! Switch to a friendly alternative…


✨ Reusable Bags – Whether its a canvas, cloth or paper option, choose bags that can be repurposed again and again. I know your grandma probably keeps and repurposes every plastic bag that she’s ever received, but these options are better for the environment!

✨ Fabric –  Search for fabric gift wrapping options! Or, DIY with a thin blanket or cloth. Tie it on the sides or secure it with string. Fabric is a great option because there are SO many designs to choose from. You can find something to match any holiday vibe that you’re going for!

✨ Recycled Paper – It may seem strange at first, but newspapers make for great wrapping paper! A little brown paper package, tied up with string. Live out your Julie Andrews moment and create a cool holiday aesthetic.

✨ String Instead Of Ribbon And Bows – Standard ribbon and bows are made of plastic and will stay in a landfill forever. Try using a cute string that can be reused for many purposes! 

✨ Reusable Gift Boxes – Reusable boxes are cute, reusable and are pretty enough to not need wrapping!


🎄 Recycled Holiday Cards 🎄

E-cards and digital cards are the best alternatives to traditional paper cards. However, there are options for those who like a physical card. Look for post-consumer recycled options!

Tree-Free Greetings is an eco-friendly and sustainable company. They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, 100% solar powered print and production and vegetable based inks! They have all of your holiday card options for less waste.

Pair your sustainably wrapped useful gift with an eco-friendly holiday card! Sign it with love.


🍪 Try A Plant-Based Meal 🍪

Studies have shown that plant-based foods are much better for the environment than food that includes meat. Animal agriculture is a HUGE pollutant. Also, the production of meat products takes a lot of water usage!

Serve a plant-based meal at your holiday dinner! There are so many amazing food options that you can try! Check out for ideas!

While you cook your vegan feast, try to do so with local and organic foods. 


❄️ Decorate Sustainably ❄️

Buy a real tree! Most importantly, recycle it when you are done, WAY too many trees end up in landfills – 10 MILLION! Drop it off at a site that will repurpose it into wood chips or mulch. 

Decorate it with LED lights. LED lights use 90% less energy than your old holiday string lights. They release little heat and can last 200,000 hours. This is better for the environment and your energy bill! 

Search for plastic-free decor! While shopping for decor, consider second-hand stores that are full of cute decor during the holidays. When buying new, prioritize products that are not packaged in plastic. 

Timeless decor. Trends are cute for a season but don’t last, causing those trendy pieces to be “tossed” when trends change. Invest in timeless decor that can be used year after year and is always beautiful! 

Keep on living that eco-friendly lifestyle! Don’t give in to the holiday hustle and wasteful bustle. Eliminate the single-use plastics, don’t waste food and enjoy yourself. 

Wrap that sustainable gift in an eco-friendly wrapping alternative. Cook that vegan feast of locally grown organic foods. Gather around your low-energy, well-decorated real tree. 

Have a happy and sustainable holiday season and stay safe! 


☃️ Post Holiday ☃️

After the holidays are over, here are a few things that you can do to wrap it up (*no pun intended):

  • Some wrapping paper can be recycled. Any paper with metallic elements goes in the trash. Here’s a quick test to see if paper can be recycled: crinkle it up into a ball. If it stays crinkled, it can probably be recycled. If it unfolds on its own, it goes in the trash. 
  • Cardboard boxes can be broken down and recycled. Remove any plastic labels or tape first!
  • Bubble wrap can be put in your plastic bag of bags and recycled in the receptacle at the grocery store.
  • Gift bags – save them and reuse them!


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How To Be Sustainable During The Holidays

sustainable tourism & how traveling affects wildlife

When we go on vacation to destinations like national parks, rainforests, or jungles, it’s expected that we will see an abundance of exotic flora and fauna. Biodiversity is precious, yet all too often we take it for granted when we are on vacation. 

A new form of tourism is emerging to promote sustainability and help the habitats of endangered wildlife species. It’s known as eco tourism, and it involves tourists travelling responsibly and giving back while they are on vacation. The exact definition of ecotourism, according to the International Ecotourism Society is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” Below, we’ve compiled some examples of how eco tourism works and how it can make a huge impact on the lives of animals. 


10 Tips on Traveling Sustainably

No matter where you are headed, you can move towards sustainable travel by following these guidelines.

  1. Pack less 
  2. Stay in sustainable hotels and lodges
  3. Respect the cultural customs of the area you are in
  4. Avoid any animal tourism with “hands-on” experiences
  5. Find alternate means of travel to flying 
  6. Walk, bike or use public transportation once you have arrived at your destination
  7. Take showers instead of baths to conserve water
  8. Pick up garbage when you see it
  9. Cook rather than eating out
  10. Stay on hiking trails rather than forging your own path 


Top Green Places to Travel 

Costa Rica

As 25% of the land in Costa Rica is a rainforest, it is home to an incredibly rich array of wildlife, including many endangered species like the Hawksbill sea turtle. When you travel to this beautiful country, it’s important to book sustainable activities, accommodations, and restaurants that support the wildlife rather than harm it. For example, an eco-lodge like the Finca Luna Nueva is not only a beautiful place to stay, but it is also a center of learning. While you are staying there, it will feel like a vacation, but you can also learn about their practices of regenerative agriculture and research into the preservation of the land.


New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning place to travel to, with volcanoes, natural black sand beaches, oceans, forests, and mountains. While there are endless ecotourism opportunities, one that we would like to highlight is the protection of their rare bird species. From the kiwi to the kākāpō, there are many endangered bird species that are incredible to view and even better to support while you are in New Zealand. Instead of a traditional vacation, consider going birdwatching to learn more about these rare species in their natural habitat.



Head to Cambodia and you can participate in the Chi Phat community based ecotourism project. The project will lead you on hikes in the Cardamom Mountains, where you can view the elephant corridor from afar. You can also take a tour through the jungle, explore a cave, and view gorgeous waterfalls all while staying in sustainable accommodation. 



Many people enjoy safaris in Africa each year, but there is a way of having fun and experiencing the animals while also giving back. Kenya is a great country to visit in terms of ecotourism as there are many programs set up that are designed to help you enjoy the beaches, wildlife, and national parks in a safe and sustainable way. Enjoy stunning views from Mara Bushtops in the Bushtops Conservancy, then take a sustainable safari to view wildlife like big cats and elephants. There are small ways to support Kenya’s initiatives for conservation, from donating directly to a cause to purchasing goods like wildlife conservation jewelry from locals.


For more sustainable on sustainable travel, click here!

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Sustainable Tourism: How Tourism Positively Impacts Wildlife and Nature

Eco-Friendly Bathing Suit Brands 2021

I am so excited to finally share this video! I’ve been working on collecting a few bathing suits from sustainable clothing brands that I love. Supporting conscious, sustainable brands is easy once you know where to find them. It’s also extremely important as companies base their offerings & business habits on consumer trends. So, if most consumers buy from sustainable brands, more companies will move toward being sustainable in order to attract customers.

Here’s my list of sustainable swimwear brands that I love!


Hackwith Design House

I love this brand! Their suits are extremely well made, by hand. The material is great and feels so good on.

White TopWhite Bottom


Anve swim

This is one of the coolest swimwear brands and it’s perfect for active girls! These suits are made for moving in the water, making them the best for surfing or other activities. The styles are unique and super cute.

I love their long sleeve styles which are perfect for protecting your skin from the sun!



Cotton On

I really love these suits, they’re so well made and comfortable! They are made up of 89% recycled materials (polyamide from pre-consumer waste). They come in a recycled plastic bag and the tag labels are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. This is a large company, so the suits are affordable and they offer a wide variety of colors and styles!

There is some room for improvement in their shipping as recycled plastic is still plastic, but it’s nice to see large companies taking steps toward sustainable practices.


Black TopBlack Bottom | Green Top | Green Bottom



This was not my first pick because H&M is a major fashion brand, but I wanted to include an even more affordable option. I also think that if we’re going to purchase from major companies, we should try to buy from their conscious & sustainable lines. The more demand these lines have, the more widely available they will be, and if they are the most popular items, it will eventually encourage the brand to make all of their clothing ethically.

I love the purple suit! It’s so comfortable and the color is gorgeous.

I bought this so I could get free shipping. I didn’t need any more black bottoms and I didn’t buy one just for this video, because the most sustainable items are the ones we already have. I did link black bottoms from their sustainable line below. 

Purple TopPurple BottomBlack Top | Black Bottoms


. .


I hope you love these brands and consider purchasing from them! Like I said in the video, if consumers support conscious, sustainable brands & products, more companies will make an effort to be sustainable in their practices.


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For more of my eco-friendly favorites, check out the Most Eco-Friendly Makeup From Target, One Sustainable Switch For Every Room In Your House, and Sustainable Beauty Brands!


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Eco-Friendly Bathing Suit Brands 2021

how to be sustainable while shoppingWhile it used to be very difficult to find eco-friendly products in the marketplace, thankfully it’s not anymore! As more companies are being encouraged by consumers to become sustainable, shopping consciously on a daily basis is becoming easier than ever for mainstream consumers.

While there are many easy changes that you can do as a homeowner, from switching out lightbulbs to lower watt or fluorescent bulbs, conserving water by taking shorter showers, and changing your HVAC filter on time, shopping in a sustainable way might take you out of your comfort zone — until you realize how great the products actually are. Here’s a quick guide on how to shop small, shop local, and shop sustainably with thoughtful purchases that give back to, rather than deplete, our environment!


how to be eco friendly while shoppingAvoid Fast Fashion

With inexpensive materials that fall apart easily, fast fashion creates a huge amount of waste that quickly ends up in landfills. Fast fashion retailers often use synthetic materials and chemical dying that pollute the environment and aren’t biodegradable. Plus, fast fashion companies are notorious for having poor working conditions. To produce a product so cheaply, they have to cut costs, and unfortunately, that comes out of workers’ pay as well as in the quality of the goods.


Wear Your Clothing as Long as Possible

Instead of shopping for inexpensive, throwaway clothing in bulk, choose items carefully that you can wear countless times. Invest in high-quality ethical clothing and sustainable shoes that you feel good wearing and that can withstand more than a few seasons. The price tag may be a bit higher than you would normally spend, but you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of a high-quality item. High-quality items will likely have a lower price per wear than fast-fashion clothing that falls apart and gets thrown away quickly. 


Shop Second-Hand reduce carbon footprint while shopping

A great way to buy clothing sustainably is to shop at vintage and second-hand stores. You are not only getting a higher quality item for less money than in a traditional store, but you’re also extending the life of that item! Some larger clothing brands are even starting to upcycle vintage pieces into their new designs, which shows that this circular fashion trend is happening on both an individual and a corporate level. 


Shop Locally

Before you head online to buy clothing, home goods, & food, consider the options that you have locally! For groceries, head to your local co-op, health food store, and farmer’s market where you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, and other organic foods. An easy tip to reduce your carbon footprint is to avoid red meat as the livestock industry is a huge cause of greenhouse gas emissions. 

When it comes to clothing and women’s and men’s sneakers, shopping at local boutiques and second-hand shops can be a great way to find unique gems that no one else is wearing. By shopping locally, you are supporting your local economy and people you know instead of big corporations. Plus, when you bring your own bag, you are also saving on the packaging as well as the energy needed to ship something to your door.


This post was written in partnership with Cariuma. Check them out for sustainable footwear!


For more info on how to make your home eco-friendly, click here for One Sustainable Switch For Every Room In Your House! 

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sustainable fashion brands

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Through Thoughtful Purchases

Sustainability in our daily lives starts at home! Here are some very simple sustainable kitchen ideas that can help:


  • Dining Room – Plastic free cutlery & reusable napkins! Stick to classic silverware, even when you have guests over. Plastic cutlery is a single use plastic and cannot be recycled. Reusable napkins, similar to UnPaper Towels are a more sustainable option than paper napkins. Anything reusable, even if it needs to be washed after each use, is always a better option than something single use. The water your washing machine uses is nothing compared to the emissions and waste of creating products in factories.


  • Living Room – Plants! Instead of using aerosols to clean the air, get houseplants to purify the air & improve your mood. Plus, they make the space so cozy, are pleasing to the eye and improve mental health!



  • Powder RoomBar soap! This is a super easy switch. Instead of stocking up on liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle, pick a nice-smelling bar that will clean your hands just as well! Pair it with a cute soap dish that goes with the design of the room.

Click here to browse natural bar soap!



  • Laundry Room – Sustainable detergent! Instead of purchasing liquid detergent that comes in a plastic bottle, consider using detergent pods that come in plastic-free packaging. Check out this option from Dropps!


  • Home Office – Use pencils instead of pens! Think about the number of pens that we go through in a year. They are all made of plastic and end up in landfills. Pencils are made of natural materials (wood and graphite) that are not hard on the environment. Just avoid mechanical pencils or any with plastic pieces.


  • ClosetsOrganizers will help you create a home for all of the things you have, making them easily accessible. When you can see everything you have, you’ll realize what you actually need. Donate things you don’t use and don’t buy things that you don’t need/you don’t have space for. The most sustainable products are the ones you don’t buy! Plus, an organized space helps alleviate stress!


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One Sustainable Switch For Every Room In Your House


The best way to make a truly perfect capsule wardrobe is to shop with sustainability in mind. There are over 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in clothing manufacturing. Many of these chemicals are known to be hazardous to the environment and our health. Shop clean! Pick brands that are long-lasting, use sustainable products or are repurposing materials/clothing! Check out these eco-friendly options for your capsule items.


Click to browse Levi’s!

Levi’s Jeans 

What to look for: denim that you will love to wear all of the time – a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans and/or a pair of jean shorts!

A classic pair of jeans might be the most timeless piece of clothing that there has ever been!

Unlike cheap “denim” (which is not always true denim), Levi’s jeans are well made and last forever!


MATE the Label

What to look for: your everyday essentials!

Their clothing is made sustainably with organic and natural, non-toxic materials.

Your new goodies are packaged in 100% recycled materials and eliminate single-use waste by not sending any additional branded materials with your order.



What to look for: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

An animal-free company (say no to leather). Hand-crafted with ethical fashion and sustainable design, Bhava uses vegan materials. They create limited edition footwear in small batches.



What to look for: a black blazer! You cannot go wrong with a black blazer. Good news, Encircled is releasing a beautiful one.

This company is all for the capsule closet! They believe that the most sustainable garment is one that will last forever, has a season-less design and can simplify your life.



What to look for: your base items and coordinating essentials. Really, you can find anything on here.

Click here for $10 off your first order at ThredUp!

Shopping consignment and thrift is a sustainable and really cool option when you’re shopping for the perfect pieces.

ThredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store! The prices are low and the options are plentiful! You also have the option to sell your clothes on this site which you may want to do after our purging session.

Use this link for $10 off your first order!


For the extras… 

Your activewear, pyjamas, swimwear, outerwear and formalwear doesn’t always need to fit in your capsule. These can be extra pieces in your closet, but still challenge yourself to limit them to the essentials!

Shop for high quality so you replace them way less often. Check out these brands!



An amazing option for outerwear, sportswear & anything that involves adventure! Patagonia was founded on the mission of creating long-lasting pieces that you can use for life. They even have a super warranty if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

You can return it for repair, replacement or refund. Or if you love it so much to the point of wear and tear (which you will), they repair the items at a reasonable charge.


Londre Bodywear

The capsule is all about timeless styles, and that really applies to swimwear! A classic black one piece and a go-to, matches-everything bikini are so important – timeless and vacation-ready.

Londre Bodywear makes their suits from recycled bottles found on the beaches and streets. They turn these bottles into beautiful, comfortable swimsuits. They have recycled over 100,000 bottles so far!

Swimwear lasts much longer when it’s rinsed with clean, fresh water after each use. Salt water is corrosive and pool water is full of chemicals. Those chemicals keep the water clean, but break down the fibers of your swimsuits until they literally fall apart.

Quick Tip: wear your bathing suit into the shower after swimming so the clean water runs through it. Give your hair a wash and clean your suit at the same time!



Get cozy with this ethically made, organic loungewear. Lay your head to rest at night in sustainable jammies knowing that you are helping the planet.

Their clothing is made with organic cotton in a fair trade factory. You’ll never feel comfier while being eco-conscious.


Gigi Pip

These well made hats will last you many seasons! They are super versatile and look good with countless styles!


Need More Help…? 

If you are struggling, check out companies like Vetta Capsule. They create mini-capsules made up of five versatile pieces that can mix and match into a month’s worth of outfit options!

This will help you build a base until you get good at building and rotating your new, pretty capsule wardrobe!

Go ahead and give it a shot! Another step towards leading a sustainable lifestyle, the capsule wardrobe benefits you and the planet in so many ways.


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Where To Shop For Your Dream Capsule Wardrobe

Let’s give some thought to our beauty routine and the products that we use. So many products we use come in plastic packaging and are used for a short time. Then, the plastic packaging goes into a landfill forever.

There are so many sustainable options in the world of beauty and cosmetics, we just need to find them. Here is a list of products that are better for your hair, skin and the environment!



Makeup can be so full of chemicals and our skin absorbs approximately 60% of what we put on it. So, let’s give our skin a fighting chance with sustainable, chemical-free products.

Have a look at sustainable ways to apply your makeup!

  • RMS Beauty

    • RMS Beauty is a sustainable brand that you are more likely to find on the shelf. This company prides itself on creating makeup that works with your skin – skincare with mineral colour, using high quality ingredients in their purest state.

    • Check out their  “Un” Cover-up, a dewy, lightweight skin enhancer that gives that no-makeup look.

    • Non-GMO, soy free, gluten-free and cruelty-free.


  • Antonym Cosmetics

    Click to shop Antonym Cosmetics!

    • Achieve the look you love with the ingredients that your skin deserves. Antonym is natural makeup with professional performance.

    • Their bamboo packaging adds another element of eco-friendliness to their products.

    • Organic and natural makeup! Check out their foundation for a flawless look.


  • Elate Cosmetics  

    • Elate beauty will help you find your perfect palette and save you money while you help save the planet!

    • Visit the website to create a capsule beauty ritual, and bring more time and space to your morning makeup routine. Capsule beauty supports less waste by only having the essentials.

    • Vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably packaged.



Let your skin and world breathe better by cleansing and moisturizing with natural products.

Check out bamboo face cloths and reusable cotton pads to make your skincare routine as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Say NOAP

    • It’s not all about their hair products! They care about your skin too. Their facial cleansing bar uses marula oil and rosehip oil to nourish and hydrate your skin while gently cleansing the build-up in your pores.

    • It will help soothe sun damage and support elasticity while supporting the environment – as you have read previously, the company really cares about the planet (plastic-free, vegan, sustainable, etc.).

  • Ethique 

    • Again, a company that has all the fine beliefs of being plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable!

    • Create a whole skincare regimen of cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing with products from Ethique. Check out their eco-friendly face sampler to find the products that you like best!

    • PS- they also have a purple shampoo bar that’s pretty sweet!


  • Meow Meow Tweet

    • First of all, you know this company is going to be adorable as soon as you read the name. Their guarantee should be that your skin gets as cute as their packaging.

    • Meow Meow Tweet has a wide range of skincare products to fit your needs. Cleansers, oils, and masks, oh my!

    • Small batch, vegan products with all-natural and organic ingredients. Their products are packaged in either glass containers or post-consumer waste paper.


Shampoo & Conditioner Bars 

Shampoo and conditioner bars have a minimal impact on the environment with eco-friendly packaging. A gentler option, they cleanse without stripping your hair. These bars are on the rise with options for all types of hair.

Find an option that works for your gorgeous mane.

  • Click to browse shampoo & conditioner bars!

    All Hair Types – Say NOAP

    • To my gym-goers and runners (or my overly anxious, generally sweaty people), this is a bar for you! You won’t have to decide between a good workout or a good hair day anymore.

    • The Everydayable by Say NOAP is a shampoo bar that allows any hair type to wash every day without that “over washed” feeling.

    • They also have a number of conditioner bars with a range of natural scents. Plastic-free, sulfate-free, plant-based/vegan, and sustainable!


  • Dry Hair –  J.R. Liggett’s

    • This one is a fan favorite. Using natural ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera and almond oil, this bar moisturizes your hair, restoring damage and dryness.

    • Use this bar to restore that luscious hair flip that you’ve been missing.

    • This company uses natural and highly effective ingredients while protecting the environment and reducing waste with sustainable packaging.


  • Curly Hair – Shea Moisture

    • Shea Moisture’s coconut & hibiscus rhassoul clay shampoo bar is the best option for curly hair. It has a combination of coconut oil, neem oil and silk protein hydrates and protects hair while controlling frizz.

    • Cruelty-free, ethically sourced, sustainably produced and made with fair trade shea butter. Redefine your curls and eco-consciousness with one bar.


  • Colored Hair – Love Beauty and Planet 


Subscription Boxes 

Subscription boxes are a great way to explore products! Trying a variety of products allows you to find a natural skincare or makeup regimen that works best for you.


  • Love Goodly

    • This subscription box focuses on introducing new, up and coming sustainable beauty companies to women.

    • The brands are always cruelty-free, non-toxic and vegan while sharing values of non-GMO, organic and eco-friendly brands.

    • They have recently announced a partnership with NOVICA, an e-commerce marketplace that supports artisans around the world.

    • AND, each box supports a cause, including Beagle Freedom Project, Paw Works and Farm Sanctuary. So, to recount… It’s good for you, the environment and dogs. My heart is as full as this box.

  • The Detox Box

    • This box is all about green beauty. And, it’s monthly (more products, more often, yay!). Each month features one or more green beauty products from their selected sustainable brand.

    • With a lengthy banned ingredients list, this company is built on standards having pure ingredients, being cruelty-free and having exceptional performance.

  • The Clean Beauty Box

    • A monthly delivery with a themed collection of full-size products, introducing you to clean, ethically sourced beauty brands.

    • This box works with established and rising clean beauty companies all of whom use high-quality, natural ingredients.

  • CauseBox

    • A seasonal delivery, CauseBox is ethically made, community and environmentally focused, for women and driven by impact.

    • This company showcases ethical and sustainable brands with full-size, socially-conscious products.

    • It includes a range of beauty products and jewelry to clothing or bamboo utensils. Their fall box is available now.

    • It’s currently featuring a cozy waffle knit bathrobe in mint or charcoal. I know that that’s not exactly a beauty product, but you need something lovely to wear while you apply your new sustainable moisturizer.



These are just a few changes to give you healthier skin and hair, and a healthier planet.

Give these sustainable beauty brands a chance. Replacing products in your daily regimen to more sustainable options is a small, but GIANT way to help the environment.

Want more inspiration? Click here to join my private FaceBook community group where members share sustainability tips!

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Sustainable Beauty Brands

Our bathrooms can be stocked with an abundance of sneaky single-use plastics that we don’t always realize! We are here to switch to more sustainable, plastic-free options that will lessen our environmental impact. By the end of this list we want to transform your bathroom into a plastic-free, water-efficient space filled with lovely, natural ingredients. Better for your hair, skin, teeth and planet!


Bar Soap


Shampoo + Conditioner Bars

  • More bottles to rid your washroom of! Like liquid soap, shampoo and conditioners come in plastic bottles that are not often reused. Swapping out the liquid option for the bar will help to cut down packaging in the bathroom.

  • The bars from SayNoap smell amazing and are long-lasting! A plastic-free, sustainable and performance eco-friendly product.

Bamboo Toothbrush

  • This is one of the easiest switches! Protect your gums and the environment, bamboo is a biodegradable product. So, choose bamboo over plastic the next time you restock and bring an environmentally friendly smile to those pearly whites!


Toothpaste Tabs

  • These are a game-changer! No more tubes for your toothpaste, substitute it for toothpaste tabs. Another product with plastic-free packaging and better ingredients for the planet. Replace artificial ingredients and sulfates with all-natural ingredients because it feels better to read “charcoal powder” and “peppermint oil” than “titanium dioxide” and “diethanolamine”.

  • To make this sustainable switch, check out Huppy or Bite!


Another plastic-free toothpaste option is this natural toothpaste from Georganics Click to shop!

BioDegradable Floss in a Reusable Container


Mouthwash Tabs


Natural Cleaners


Natural “Sponges”

  • Soak up sustainability and get yourself a sea sponge! A natural, eco-friendly alternative to washcloths or shower poufs.

  • These sponges are cut from the seafloor but are able to regenerate like a plant, making them a renewable resource! They have natural enzymes that give the sponge antibacterial and antifungal properties – preventing the mold and mildew that grows on your washcloth or pouf.

  • Check out these sea sponges that will make you feel like a mermaid!


Click to shop low-flow shower heads!

Shower Head That Uses Less Water

  • Shower time- when we use and waste the most water! We need to get our showerheads all about high efficiency and low flow!

  • To be considered a “low-flow” showerhead, it will use no more than 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). Some of the best options can get as low as 1.5GPM, lessening your shower water-use by 40%. You’ll feel better washing your new shampoo bar out of your hair knowing you’re being efficient and saving water.

  • There are so many great options to choose from! 




Metal Razor

  • Plastic razors are in company with plastic straws and plastic bags when it comes to damaging the environment. So, shave the waste while you shave the hair!

  • Swapping out the disposable razors for a metal safety razor is friendly to both your wallet and the planet. Plus, it looks pretty cool and will save you money in the long run.

  • Check out metal razors here!


Click to shop recycled toilet paper!

Recycled Toilet Paper

  • An opportunity to save trees! Like most recycled options, this toilet paper is better for our forests and water supply, while protecting habitats.

  • Check out 100% recycled toilet paper with plastic-free packaging by Who Gives a Crap. They say their 3-ply jumbo rolls are, “as soft as unicorn kisses and strong as 1000 ponies.” That has got to be great for the bum and the world.

  • Another toilet paper hack- look for plastic-free packaging!


Leave your body and your conscience clean in your new and improved bathroom! Changes as simple as dental floss and razors can have such a giant impact on our planet.

I hope these tips were helpful and gave you inspiration for all the things we can do to make our homes more sustainable. Let’s keep striving to be more eco-conscious in our daily routines and together we can help protect our planet!

Want more inspiration? Click here to join my private FaceBook community group where members share sustainability tips!


Click to Shop Sustainable Bathroom Products



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11 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Now more than ever, it’s so important to be conscious of the way we live and how our actions affect the environment. We all know certain things that we can do to be a little more green – thrifting clothes, ditching the plastic straws – but there’s actually many more swaps and tips we could use in our own homes to be more eco-friendly.

Our kitchens, in particular, are full of single-use products, products wrapped in plastic and countless other things that we know do the Earth no favors, but these days it’s surprisingly easy to cut those items out!

These Unpaper Towels are from Zero Waste Store! Although any kitchen towels can be used, these are a fun, vibrant option!

Here are just ten things that you can do to make your kitchen a little more eco-friendly.

  1. Switch to ‘un-paper’ towels
    • For many of us, paper towels are a go-to when we have to clean up a small spill in the kitchen, but those small spills have a huge impact on the environment. It takes around 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water to make a ton of paper towels, and we use over 13 billion pounds of paper towels each year in the USA alone!

    • We like them because they’re easy, but it’s almost as easy just to use a dish towel and wash it afterward, right? You’d be making a big difference to your carbon footprint!

  2. Pick up some reusable napkins

    • Similar to paper towels, napkins use a lot of resources to produce, only to be used to wipe sauce from the side of someone’s mouth one time and then be thrown away – what a waste of a tree!

    • If you ever use paper napkins in your own home, why not pick up some reusable napkins instead? They’re less wasteful, better quality, and can be folded into little swans to impress your dinner guests! What’s not to love?

  3. I’ve been using silicone storage bags for about a year and I absolutely love them! They are so well made and can be used for anything, not just food. I would highly recommend Stasher Bags! Click to shop.

    Ditch the plastic packaging!

    • We all know how important it is to try and stay away from single-use packaging, so it’s a good idea to look for plastic-free alternatives to products we use regularly! When you’re shopping, notice that there are certain items that come in plastic bottles or bags and glass jars or containers. Choose the glass-packaged product whenever possible

  4. Save your energy and save the planet!

    • If you’ve abandoned your dishwasher and started washing dishes by hand to help the environment, then we’ve got some pretty good news for you – you don’t need to do that!

    • Washing the dishes by hand actually uses far more water than a dishwasher cycle. If you have a dishwasher, it’s much better to make use of it – just make sure that you’re filling it right up each time.

When looking for sponge cleaners, look for the key word compostable. The word “natural” tends to be overused and not always meaningful. Click to shop.

5. Pick up some natural sponges…

  • Synthetic kitchen sponges are incredibly harmful to the environment, since hygiene experts recommend you replace them every two weeks, and a single one can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill.

  • A much better alternative is to pick up a natural sponge or scrubber. Biodegradable, organic and just as effective, this is definitely a switch worth making.

6. …and some steel wool?

  • Steel wool lasts much longer than a synthetic sponge, works better and is made from sustainable materials. In some areas, you can even recycle them once you’re done!

7. Keep your cleaning products natural!

  • Cleaning products are packed full of chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and they aren’t much better for you, either. Bleach, for example, can give off harmful fumes that can really damage your lungs after regular exposure and it pollutes the water, making it no good all round.

  • There are so many natural cleaning products on the market and so many of them are just as effective as their more chemical-heavy rivals. See how many of your usual cleaning products you can replace with a natural version. Better for the planet and better for you!

These are the glass storage containers my family uses! Click to shop.

8. Consider your food storage solutions!

  • Have a habit of storing leftovers in Ziploc bags? Break it! Ziploc bags could take hundreds of years to break down, and many of us have a habit of throwing them out after one use.

  • The best thing you can do for the environment here is to ditch the bags and make the switch to reusable containers, preferably made from sustainable materials such as glass or silicone. This option even makes your food healthier and better tasting! Ever notice that water in disposable plastic bottles tastes bad after a while? That’s because plastic is made of toxic chemicals that eventually seeps into its contents. Eek! I’m totally sold on glass and silicone!

9. Accept the washing up…

  • We’ve all stocked up on paper plates and plastic cutlery when throwing a party at home, usually to avoid having to do a lot of washing up afterward. After all, paper plates can’t be that bad, can they?

  • Actually, a single paper plate can take up to five years to decompose, with plastic cutlery, of course, standing strong well into the next century after being thrown out. What’s more, these items are often sold in huge multipacks, so many will find their way to landfill without ever even being used! The best thing to do is to avoid purchasing these products altogether.

10. Try plastic-free grocery shopping!

  • More and more zero-waste grocery stores are popping up around the world, so why not grab some reusable containers (we’ve already suggested a few above!) and see if plastic-free grocery shopping works for you?

  • Of course, this is a fairly new concept, and there are still many items which aren’t available in these stores, but you can get a variety of fruits, vegetables, rice, cereal, pasta without having to throw out any packaging, and that will make a huge difference to the waste output of your weekly grocery shop!


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10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly