Plastic Free July is a great time for all of us to reflect on our daily actions and consider the simple switches we can make to lessen the amount of waste we create in our daily lives. There’s no shame in Plastic Free July, only self-improvement!

Here are a few simple things you can consider this month!

  1. A Bamboo Toothbrush! – This might be the easiest switch because it doesn’t require much of a change in your routine. Simply choose bamboo brushes next time you restock on toothbrushes!

  2. Toothpaste Bites! – Toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled, so the best option is to eliminate using them. I just started using toothpaste bites from Huppy! Simply put a bite in your mouth, chew for a few seconds, and brush as normal!

  3. Plastic Free Haircare! – Think about the number of plastic bottles going into landfills every year, just from shampoo and conditioner! Switching to shampoo and conditioner bars eliminates all of that! I love the bars from SayNoap! PS- SayNoap is a female-owned company and I’m all about supporting women in business!

  4. Plastic-Free, Natural Sunscreen! – This reef-safe, natural sunscreen from RawElements comes in plastic-free packaging and is good for your skin & the Earth! They also have a great tinted moisturizer with SPF!

There are so many things we can do to live a more sustainable life and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Just remember, millions of people doing “plastic-free” imperfectly is much better than a few people doing it perfectly. Every simple switch you make is a step in the right direction!

Have any other tips that I can consider? Leave them in a comment below!

xx Kelee

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Plastic Free July 2020!